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R.i.p. Sir packsalot NSFW

Note to self:
perhaps, deciding to make your own stp device while your having a sneezy kind of day was a bad idea...
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...and we're off

VP debate

'Bout TIme!!!

Marcus has a phone...I repeat...Marcus HAS a phone.

So shoot me an email, text, or a call if you would like to be graced by my manly voice ;)
Just kidding, but I really don't have anybody's number. So...yeah...

Good News/Bad News

Good News
- California family visit went well, they got to see the NY sights, sounds, and smells. They had a great time.
- My mom and stepdad LOVE Gus. YAY!!!
- My grandma likes him, too. Even though she didn't want to.
- My sister is awesome and is incredibly supportive.

Bad News
- I lost my cell phone after having a very bad night at my sister's house (different sister). So, for now emails or lj messages will have to do. I'll let ya'll know when the new phone is up and running.

P.S. If I had your number before I don't have it anymore. When you get a chance shoot me a quick message with your number and I will put it into my new phone (when I get one).


Mr. Marcus Bernard D*****

Yes, it is conditionally officially changed. Woohoo!

Having a head cold kinda killed the enjoyment, I'll be excited tommorrow.

Celtics kicked A**

I'm not really a fan of the Boston Celtics, but any team who can :

A. Keep the Lakers from winning another championship.


B. Spank the Lakers' collective ass by 29 points.

Has my temporary loyalty. My complete loyalties go to the Suns (God I love that team). But, here's to Boston, it was 22 years in coming but Ya'll ROCK.

Got T?... I Do!!!

At 10:21pm on 06/09/08 I, Marcus Bernard D****, got my very first shot of T.

Stoked? Totally!
Scared? Definitely!

and the best part is Gus, my soul-mate and best-friend, gave me my first injection. I relly love this guy, HE ROCKS!!!

Marc and Gus are in the house...

Well, an apartment really. We live in Crown Heights so we can occasionally visit and/or hang out. We have internets AND cable, so excited!!!

Birthday Plans cancelled

We found a place and we are moving on Sunday so I have to cancel my party plans. But, hey, we found a place. YAY!!! We'll be in crown heights, it's a kind of temporary to (possible) permanent place for now but it's something.

Birthday Ideas

So monday is my birthday. The big 2-5. I have to work on Monday but I have no idea what I should do this weekend to celebrate. Any Ideas?

ETA: My internet is being a-holish so I can't get back right away (Don't take it personal).
          Bowling and Partying both sound good. Perhaps a Bowling Party...  but maybe I will celebrate next weekend. We'll see.